National commander's call to action

Alexandria Bay, NY

I was struck by the fact that I wasn't sure where to start with our national commander's call to action. I have heard the stories. I have been horrified by the statistics, and like many have seen the damage of suicide up close enough to witness the pain, but wasn't sure how I could help. I came back from the national convention resolved to find a way to respond to the call.
Post Commander Janice Gravely from Carthage plugged me in with the adjutant from John B. Lyman American Legion Post 904 in Alexandria Bay, N.Y., into a partnership being developed in Jefferson County. This suicide outreach has partnered with Fort Drum, other VSOs and the community to form an outreach called the "North Country Veteran and Service Member Suicide Prevention Coalition."
I am starting by promoting and hopefully participating in their upcoming walk. I am attaching it.
I know I can't fix this problem but I do want to be one of the ones to help. Commander Troiola, your call to action was the push I needed to add something to the effort. All over the country and most likely in your own backyard, people are working hard to help stop suicide. I realized I don't have to create anything - all I have to do is lend my voice, give some time and try to Be the One to help. We can do many things together, and this mission is important.

Dean Erck

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