Illinois Post 1170 reaches out to membership

Round Lake Park, IL

I was voted the new adjutant for my post very recently. I've been a member for 15 years but was not well enough, nor strong enough, to actively participate. When that changed, I got involved. The way I see it, someone else has been carrying the load all those years, but now I am able, I need to share that load.

Being new, I thought making "Buddy Checks" was the best way to introduce myself to the membership, make sure my members came through the pandemic in good shape, and see if there was anything they needed. Some of the conversations were short and sweet but others lasted over a half-hour. It was awesome to speak with these comrades, shoot the breeze or share their struggles.

That's what we, who served, have always done. Sometimes you just need to "take a knee" and acknowledge the struggles. Bring it in, close ranks and listen. I think that's what some veterans miss, the willingness of a comrade to share the ups and downs, the struggles and the trials. It's what connects us, and in these times, we NEED to stay connected. An afternoon of phone calls makes that happen for Post 1170 in Illinois.

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