Post 1703 Children & Youth honors Virginia's fallen during field trip to Virginia War Memorial

Post 1703 - Prince George , VA

The Virginia War Memorial (VWM) in Richmond, Va., is a historic place. Through the stories told by those who served, the nation’s leading state war memorial honors Virginia’s fallen and preserves their past. Vietnam veteran Rick Curtin, docent for the tour, shared the veterans' stories based on the insurmountable collections of wartime memorabilia. The staff managing the VWM gladly educates and inspires youth throughout the nation. Rick took us through a moving and reflective walk through the heart of the memorial, including the Shrine of Memory that lists a total of 12,000 names from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf wars. These names are arranged first by counties and cities and then alphabetically. His knowledge was vast and engaging. Rick was very meticulous when sharing some of the grueling details of war with the youth. Surprisingly, the films showed precise details of combat and were enhanced by sound effects of gunfire, storms, snow, wind and artillery fire. For example, we experienced the falling of snow as it occurred in the film. It was quite spectacular. Walking through the history of the past wars and the human sufferings and loss of lives was an eye-opening experience for all of those present. This veteran-led tour was very instructive, historic, mournful, patriotic and encouraging. In fact, the youth, who included Tristan Richard, Leonard Draft Jr., QueSean Lee, Julian Dash, Tony Chappell, Bobby King-Williams and Sean Lee, stopped all movements and affixed their eyes on the speakers. Rick discussed some of his past military experiences while serving as a pilot during the Vietnam War, and Comrades Willie L. Lee Jr. (chaplain), Albert Williams (Children & Youth chairman), Angela Hall (historian), and Dr. Le’one Marie Lee shared some of their military experiences from serving in the Armed Forces as well. There are numerous artifacts, photographs, films, oral histories and arts to admire at the VWM. Post Commander Mable Farris and Comrades of Post 1703 extends a special appreciation to Williams, Kyndall Drumheller, VWM's Research and Policy manager, and Curtin for collaborating and organizing our visit to the VWM on Saturday, May 28, 2022. The visit was an educational and comprehensive look into the lives of those who served and sacrificed their lives during America’s wars. This was an appreciable manner for youths and adults to commemorate Memorial Day.

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