L to R. District Historian Ed, Thompson, Department Commander AB Brown, Assistan Judge Advocate Dave Stein, OK presentation.


100-year celebration and history

Fredericksburg , VA

The 16th District, American Legion Department of Virginia, under the leadership of Commander John Canty and with a vote of the membership, created a book to assist post historians, and honoring our 100-year celebration. The white loose-leaf-type folder has several meaningful purposes.
It contains the complete application for entry into the department and national history contests. The book introduces the post historian to the department and 16th District officers. It encourages the historian to participate at post meetings by discussing present and past Legion history, and compile and keep post records for that year. The book contains information regarding Legion history. It contains 32 pages of valuable information for the post historian. And finally, the white loose-leaf book can be converted by the post historian to be used for entry into the history contests.
Thanking, and assisting with the formation of this book, was Erica Eccleston of the Department of Virginia staff, and Department Adjutant Dale Chapman. Inspiration to the author and compiler was Past Department Commanders Dave Stein and George Lussier.
A helpful sponsor was Post 290 of Stafford, Va.
This is a pilot program, and a hopeful inspiration to all Department of Virginia districts to adopt a similar recognition program to assist and educate post historians..
This book was created and compiled by 16th District Historian Edward Thompson, at minimum cost.

16th District Historian with book.
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