Taking advantage of the GI Bill

Medina, NY

After being discharged from the Army in 1967, I went to work for a major newspaper in Washington, D.C. After eight and a half years at that job, I decided I wanted a new career. I used the GI Bill to attend a truck driving school in Newark, Delaware. After graduating from there, I had a hard time landing a job since it was during the recession and most companies had people laid off. After about three weeks of searching, I landed a job with a major moving company. I only stayed there for three and a half years, but it gave me experience to move on. All said and done, my truck driving career lasted 38 years and I am now happily retired. Also, thanks to the GI Bill, I was able to get a VA mortgage loan for a very low 2.75 percent. So not much of an exciting story, but the GI Bill did have a significant effect on my life.

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