College and grad school from GI Bill led to becoming PR consultant

Barrington, RI

Without the GI Bill I would have become a shoe shop worker in Haverhill, Mass. The GI Bill got me into Bates College (1951); found wife Melissa; in 1991 both received "Alumni Council Distinguished Service Award"; co-class presidents for 25 years; did grad work at B.U. in public relations. After 9 years in New York City, Rochester and Providence agencies, I started the first Rhode Island PR agency in 1961. I guided clients to have major impacts on nation, state, town, and assorted industrial clients and pro bono clients.
Nation: Client on board of what became Kennedy Center changed fund drive; brought announcement of drive to Rhode Island.
State: (pro bono) Led governor to buy beach property for Ninegret State Park; story in local paper stopped pollution of Narragansett Bay from fish farming.
Town: Stopped Barrington Conservation Commission from promoting McDonald's in downtown area; sued chairman for ethics violations. Letter from town manager thanks me for many improvements to town.
Biggest industrial result: For 30+ years I published case histories of successful usage of Loctite Corporation products by machinery makers. These products led to major changes in all metalworking industries in the world enabling lower costs, higher reliability and simpler designs. Many awards from client for this work.
Results of client work would fill a dozen of these forms.
From Wilfred Barbeau
Navy veteran, WWII, as aircraft mechanic.
Now age 92.

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