Legion Lady and her fellas


Birth of the Legion Lady

Berkeley Springs, WV

In December 2016 the "Legion Lady" was born. The Legion Lady, Lori Kiley, is a member of Auxiliary Unit 60 in Berkeley Springs, W.Va. Mrs. Kiley initially attended funerals and other Honor Guard functions as a photographer. She took the time to speak to Mary Lou Wolfkill of the Army Arlington Ladies of Arlington National Cemetery, and created a similar position for the Tri State Honor Guard (Posts 60 and 26, Hancock, Md.). Mrs. Kiley presents a condolence card on behalf of Robert Meadows, the commander of Post 60 and the Tri State Honor Guard, as well as a sympathy card from the Auxiliary. During funerals Mrs. Kiley is escorted to the deceased veteran's survivors by her husband, Legionnaire Thomas Kiley. Following in the tradition of the Arlington Ladies, Mrs. Kiley ensures that no veteran is ever buried alone.
The attached photo shows Mrs. Kiley and some of "her fellas" after a funeral in Berkeley Springs.

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