The Chosen Few by Gregg Zoroya

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The Chosen Few is the story of a single Company of U.S. paratroopers who were deployed to Afghanistan in 2007, hoping to win the hearts and minds of remote mountain people.

Instead, they spent the next 15 months under constant attack, outnumbered by Taliban fighters on all sides. Those who survived returned with the victory of acclaim, as part of one of the most decorated fighting units in America’s modern wars—but, it didn’t change the fact that they’d be forever changed.

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On sale: 2/14/2017
ISBN: 9780306824838

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Amanda Holman

About the author:
Gregg Zoroya is an award-winning journalist at USA Today, where he has written about the impact of war on troops and issues related to care of veterans. He has traveled nearly twenty times into war zones in the Middle East and South Asia and has recently joined the editorial board for USA Today. Zoroya lives near Washington, DC.

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