Presentation of the Distinguished Service Award by the Department of Missouri.


Receiving my grandfather's posthumous award for his distinguished service

Fenton, MO

It was both an honor and a privilege to accept the Distinguished Service Award from the Department of Missouri on behalf of my grandfather, Edward F. Ucinski Sr. He devoted over 50 years of his life to serving his fellow veterans and their families through The American Legion and their programs. He was my inspiration to join the Legion and my catalyst to continue where he left off. While he never sought glory or fame, his hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. The torch has been passed to another generation and his legacy is for me to continue. My grandfather did not ask for this recognition and certainly never asked to be a hero, but most of our true heroes never do. This award is in his honor, and it is both my promise and commitment to continue the mission for all of those who served in our nation's wars, while honoring our obligations to the community, state and nation.

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