Left to right: Commander Tom Smith Sr., Adjutant Susan Levenhagen, Gary Sovenic, Jerry Burkhardt, Dick Draves, Gene Daisy and David Jocelyn.


Celebrating years of continuous membership at Hamon Gray Post 83

La Porte, IN

On April 29, 2023, Hamon Gray Post 83 in La Porte, Ind., presented Legionnaires with certificates to honor their years of continuous membership. Present, and having 50 years of continuous membership, were Jerome Burkhardt, Eugene Daisy, Richard Draves, David Jocelyn and Gary Sovenic. Not present were Paul Ewing and Rodger La Gard, each with 50 years of continuous membership, and Charles Link with 75 years! We are so proud and appreciative of these men and their service to our military and our Legion!

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