Edgefield (S.C.) Post 30’s Family Day 2023 was the BEST TIME EVER!

Edgefield, SC

On a sunny late-April day, Post 30’s veterans and Auxiliary welcomed guests to our first Family Day. Children delighted in their Post 30 emblem souvenir carry bag and cup, plus coloring book with crayons, and everyone received a raffle ticket for prizes. A DJ streamed music in the background while kids and adults played cornhole or tried their hands at lawn bowling with the helpful assistance of pin-setter student volunteers from Wardlaw Academy. Lining the semi-circle driveway was the centerpiece attraction: an incredible display of World War II military vehicles. These time capsules were a big draw and included jeeps, weapons carriers and an Army cargo truck complete with a decommissioned rocket. Another well-visited canopy where people lingered and plenty of friendly conversations took place contained an impressive offering of free Bibles and devotional materials.

Families strolled in and out through the open doors of our colorfully decorated quarters to be greeted by flags for each of the services, and streamers and colored lanterns stretched overhead. Everyone sat down to hot dogs, chips and drinks or browsed through the interesting displays, among these an antique military radio collection whose quaint devices created puzzled faces on young people trying to imagine using these now-cumbersome devices for communication. Quilts of Valor were laid out, hand-made tributes that may be created upon request and awarded to elderly veterans. The Post 30 and Auxiliary membership table sustained a lively group of visitors and signed up new members or answered questions about the many ways the Legion is ready to help our community. A well-curated selection of photographs on a series of standing boards conveyed visitors back through the many public events hosted by Post 30 in 2021-2023.

Throughout the afternoon, raffle winners took home gift certificates from local businesses as well as assorted treats. The Edgefield Fire Department truck made the rounds with loads of shrieking children and excited adults, complete with blaring siren as it created its own parade past the Edgefield Town Square before returning to Post 30 for more passengers.

It was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen old ties and build new friendships between military veterans and their families and for residents to visit Post 30’s facilities and learn how we may be of service to our community. See all our photos at https://www.alpost30sc.org/events/family-day-open-house.

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