Rex Gooch, bronze medal winner, 2020 Independent Publishers Book Awards


Legion member and author Rex Gooch awarded 2020 Independent Publishers Book Award

Sioux Falls, SD

"The Aviators," written by Rex Gooch, is a bronze medal winner in the 2020 Annual Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards.
This annual competition, conducted for the past 24 years, “honors the year's best independently published books to recognize excellence in a broad range of styles and subjects.” This year’s contest drew 4,750 entries from the United States and 16 countries overseas. Gooch is a member of American Legion Post 101 in Centennial, Colo.
In "The Aviators," Gooch airlifts the reader back in time to the Vietnam War in 1971-1972, telling the stories of young pilots and crew members who gallantly serve their country in a controversial war in a foreign land. After each story of combat action highlighting a particular individual, "The Aviators" goes beyond most other warfare books of that era by describing what happened to all 25 featured aviators after Vietnam.

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BRONZE: The Aviators: Stories of U.S. Army Helicopter Combat in the Vietnam War, 1971-1972 by Rex Gooch
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