South Korean high school students receiving a tour of Des Plaines Post 36.


South Korean students invade American Legion post in Des Plaines, Ill.

Post 36 - Des Plaines, IL

The Department of Illinois’ Des Plaines Post 36 hosted a group of South Korean students from Daegwang High School on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023.

The students were traveling through the United States along with Vice Principal Ho Chang.

During their visit to Chicago the students were invited to visit Post 36 by Oost Commander Tom Strossner and Jin Lee, board member of Main Township School District 207.

The students came to Post 36 and spent the afternoon visiting the post and meeting the veterans, including a couple of Korean War veterans. The visit allowed the students to view photos and artifacts from that period in history.

The week of June 23–25, Post 36 is hosting the “Traveling Korean War Memorial” at Lake Park in Des Plaines. The South Korean students’ visit allowed the post to meet some of the descendants of South Korean veterans and teach the students about the history of the war from the eyes of American veterans.

It is the hope of Post 36 to have an opportunity to also host American students to visit the post, and also to visit the Memorial Wall in June. Many of today’s students are not aware of the many sacrifices made by both countries during the Korean War. And to many veterans it is called “The Forgotten War.”

Post 36

Members of Post 36, students and their chaperones took a group photo to remember the students' visit.

Post 36 presented a certificate to each student to commemorate their visit to the post.

Ho Chang, vice principal of Daegwang High School, receives a certificate to commemorate his visit to Des Plaines Post 36. Presenting the certificate are American and Korean veterans.
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