Maj. Leonard S. Wheatly, retired, U.S. Army


Leonard S. Wheatly of Stillwater, Okla., fights in Korea 28 days before he is shot, and serves his country 27 years total

129 - Stillwater, OK

Leonard S. Wheatly, an Oklahoma Army officer in Korea in the early days of that war, spent 27 years on active duty holding nearly every rank from private to lieutenant colonel. He was machine-gunned on his 28th day in Korea.
He initially enlisted before the attack on Pearl Harbor, then again as a volunteer in Merrill's Marauders, and later fought in Korea. After the cessation of fighting in Korea and many surgeries and recovery, he served in postwar Germany and later was instrumental in developing Ranger schools and training Rangers. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, he was on board a ship prepared for disembarkation, but those orders were never given. He retired in 1964 after 27 years of active duty.
Below is his story as printed in the Sunday Magazine Edition of the Daily Oklahoman on July 1, 1951, while he was still recovering from his injuries and surgeries.

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