How to pass an IG inspection

113 - Virginia Beach, VA

This was a discussion with my uncle, CWO Raymond Nelson, who served in Korea; I myself was an Army reservist.

I was talking about the standard way to pass the motor pool inspection was to put any "extras" or unauthorized equipment in a 2 1/2 ton and send the two drivers to a place about 50 miles away for some made-up duty. My uncle laughed and said, "We had a better way in Korea. I had 8 feet closed in at the back of the motor pool, so looking at the wall it appeared to be just a wall. There was a secret door to get in, and any supplies obtained by midnight requisition and any extra supplies were stored inside that little room."

I was impressed. I never heard of anyone being so creative. However, I did have a supply sergeant turn in a white double sheet and convince the supply point it was a tent liner.

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