Born while dad was in Korea

Ranney-Weisbrod Post 627 - Fenton, IA

My parents were married in April 1953. I was born 11 months later in March 1954. In the meantime my father had been sent to serve in Korea. By the time he came home I was 8 months old, and that was the first time we met. My mother says I was a shy infant and they were concerned about me seeing my dad for the first time. But my father put me in his arms and I was immediately comfortable. In fact, I'm told I sat on his lap the entire way home from the airport. Unfortunately my dad passed away from a heart attack in 1984 at the age of 53. In order to honor his memory, me and my younger brother, Alan, helped to establish the Fenton Sons of The American Legion in Fenton, Iowa. I am currently the adjutant and Alan is the commander.

A concurrent story involved my dad's brother Richard, who of course was my uncle. Richard saw much battle action in Korea and came home with what we called "shell shock." It eventually took his life at the age of 29. Again, my mother tells me because of my shyness the only two adult men I were comfortable with were dad and Uncle Rich. I miss them both to this day.

Ranney-Weisbrod Post 627
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