The cooks, Keith and Rod.


Pig roast in the mountains

Post 1980 - Woodland Park, CO

Annually, Post 1980 of Woodland Park, Colo., puts on a feed for the local folks of a slow-roasted pig with all the fixings. Woodland Park is a small mountain town in central Colorado, elevation 8,500 ft. Because of the pandemic the annual Pig Roast was canceled for 2020. Because of that, everyone was rearing to go for the 2021 roast.
Roasting a pig is not a simple task and begins the afternoon before the actual event, where the pig is prepared and the slow-roasting of the pork begins. Then just before the feed begins, the pork is pulled apart and prepared for the feast. At noon, a small ceremony is performed prior to the chow line being opened. This is a family event where moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas and all their kids are welcome. In addition to the feast, Auxiliary Unit 1980 holds a silent auction where donations from the community of businesses are auctioned off. All the proceeds for the roast and auction go toward supporting local veterans activities and the local community.

Pulling apart the pork.

A cake baked especially for this occasion.

The chow line.

A family event.

The hungry man's table.

Silent auction.
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