Fishing With Veterans In New Hampshire

Carl G. Davis American Legion, Post 34 - Plaistow, NH

My name is Rick Bickerstaff, and I am the Adjutant at Post 34 in Plaistow, N.H., and this is my story.
Early this past spring, I received a flier that was asking for someone, with a pontoon boat, to contact the Veterans Home in Tilton, N.H., and take some senior veterans fishing. I thought this idea was absolutely wonderful, so I brought to the attention of the Executive Board and they agreed.
Next, I contacted the Veterans Home and talked with, among others, Linda LaFountain. We picked a date in June, but just before we were to go, it was cancelled due to internal staffing problems. So we set for July, and it got cancelled due to rain.

Now it's early August and Linda calls. She wanted to know if we could go fishig sometime this month, I said sure, what date are you thinking of, we check our calenders, and agree on Thursday, August 20, 2009. RAIN..Monday, Tuesday and Wedesday night.
Second VP Phil Sturk volunteered and we were off at 0600, stopped for breakfast at the Pink Cadillac, and met Victor Dennis, Bill Cundy along with Linda,at the marina at 0830, the skies cleared and we were off!
All I kept telling myself was that, "It would only be a good day if the senior veterans catch the BIG ONES"
It was a very good day.
Victor Dennis,83 years young, first caught one that was so big Phil and I couldn't get it in for him. Then a while later he caught another beauty, and we landed it. Then, a while later, Bill Cundy, 86-years-young and blind, hooked a monster small mouth bass. It couldn't have been a better day.
I have talked with Linda since the trip and she said they're just as happy as they could be, and that now there are more who want to go next time. I sent copies of the photos to her, and they're on display in the post.
It has been said that nothing is better than taking a kid fishig, true, but I think it's kids or old guys, anyway they're both young at heart.

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