My Korean story

Henderson, KY

I joined the 955 Artillery in March 1952. I was a field wireman; my job was to keep the phones working between the forward observers and the wire direction center. The 955 was a great outfit run by super commander Lt Col. David Easterday; he took special care of his troops. We served in the Chorwon area twice, the punch bowl and the Kumwa area where we supported sniper's ridge action, and the punch bowl.The biggest battle we were in was the White Horse Mountain battle in September 1952. It started on a Sunday afternoon with shelling; on Monday they attacked until it was dark on Saturday. We had eight live rounds left. When it was over they brought dozers and trucks of lime forward and they buried 10,000 in two long graves, and put up two crosses. I have stopped having nightmares thanks to my wife who got me to talk about it, but I still think about it everyday.

Sgt. James E. Solomon

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