Korea, 1966-1969

88 - Norman, OK

I enlisted in 1967. After receiving my Military Occupational Skill (MOS) I was sent to Korea, a tactical unit. I was in the field all 13 months; every month we went out to set up communication from certain areas. I usually ended up north of Seoul, small a couple of trucks and concertina wire.
In December 1968 the North Koreans released the crew of USS Pueblo. I got chosen to go to the Joint Security Area to set up a communication link with 8th Army Headquarters. Everything went smooth - we got them back. I later learned that the DOA stated that there was a second Korean War from 1966 to 1969. I am proud of my time in Korea, it was my first time facing off with the Commies - the second time came in Berlin, 1969 to 1970. Fixed station, not tactical. It was like a vacation after Korea. Sadly, after the wall came down almost all of the foreign caserns were torn down. The only buildings left are the indoor pool and headquarters building. Some investors bought McNair barracks to turn it into apartments.
In the '80s I enlisted in the Army Guard; I was a military policeman, not deployed.

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