A family's long line of military service

Pittsburgh, PA

This is a picture of my daughter Annabelle, taking a peek at her shadow in front of a World War II memorial in Pittsburgh. She doesn't know it yet, but her family has been serving in the military proudly to make sure that she can live freely.

Her great-grandpa, Malahon D. Cole, served in the Army and great-grandpa, Philip F. Palmatier, served in the Navy. Her grandfather, Brent Cole, was named after his Uncle Berwin Cole, who died in World War II. Brent (my father) served in the Army and National Guard.
On her other side of the family her grandpa, John Reeder, also served in the Navy. While my husband and I have never served in the military ourselves, we have taken part in many activities to support those men and women who do serve. I was an active member of the American Legion Auxiliary in my hometown growing up and am very proud to have had that honor.

Both my grandpa Palmatier and grandpa Cole were active in the American Legion (Potter Post 192 and Carl Hyde Post 963) serving many office positions. My father, Brent, served on the Honor Guard, and was commander of Potter Post 192. My brother was part of the Sons of the American Legion and even served office when he was in school.

We love that we can pass on our love of country to our daughter, who will one day know her great family history.

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