Honoring Blue Star Mothers

Stillwater, MN

Minnesota’s Blue Star Mothers were treated at their annual meeting May 3 with gift bags, refreshments and a self-care workshop to honor their commitment to service in defense of country.
The Maria Sanford Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, along with partner sponsors, honored these courageous women by celebrating them to mark the 100th Anniversary of Mother's Day.
State Blue Star Mothers President Mary Johnson worked with the DAR members to start the day with these activities.
Both groups are women’s organizations with a focus on service to country, so the fit was a good one from the start. Blue Star Mothers is an organization for mothers who have children serving in the U.S. military or who have served in the past. The Daughters of the American Revolution is a women’s civic organization whose members have ancestry tracing to service during the Revolution.
Amy Kroll, a principal in one of Deloitte & Touche’s practices and an expert on developing women’s leadership, led an interactive exploration of how women can take better care of themselves by managing the many demands on them.
Johnson, who lost her son in the line of duty, explained to the attending DAR members how the organization acknowledges and supports Blue Star Mothers who suffer the loss of a child and thus become Gold Star Mothers.
The Maria Sanford Chapter DAR made gift bags and secured the sponsorship of Deloitte, Dunn, Brothers coffee, and Great Harvest Bread Co. in Stillwater, Minn., for the gathering.

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