Pride, family and country

Merrimack, NH

I was taught to be respectful, honest and caring. Raised in a small New Hampshire town. We cared about our neighbors, our family and this wonderful country. I was never told I had to serve but found it my duty and as I age see it was one of my smartest choices in life. It taught me more.
Discipline, social diversity and that there are many people in this world that have it harder living then me. My ancestors served in the Civil War, an uncle in WWII, cousin who retired from the Navy, my father served during the Korean war and myself during the Gulf War.
I was always proud of my father for his service and would often look through his military scrapbook with excitement and awe. He made me a better person through his choices and experiences. I love this country and what it has to offer our youth. I wish and hope that younger generations can also share in this national pride with all the freedoms our ancestors fought for.

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