My family helped me receive vet's benefits

Ames, IA

My oldest brother Milt served as an aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Corps during WWII, and oldest sister Dorotha was one of the original WACs during WWII. When my family couldn't afford college for me they encouraged me to join the U.S. Air Force. I served during the Korean War and the Cold War. When discharged my new wife and I used my GI loan to help buy our first home. Later I used my education benefits to help me finish college. After nine years of night school I graduated from Drake University with a BS in business administration and a major in accounting. The training I received in the Air Force in machine accounting led to a career in the computer field. I owe the Air Force and the persistence of my family a huge debt for nudging me into a position where I not only had an occupation but also could afford college.

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