The new American Legion Post 302 in Missouri

Fenton / St. Louis, MO

I am proud to say that we officially have a new American Legion post in the Missouri 10th District. Most of all, it is with great pride and satisfaction that I have the opportunity to inform you that the name of this post is the Edward F. Ucinski Sr. Post 302. Named after my grandfather, we chose the number 302 since it was the post he spent most of his time in. The original Post 302 closed several years ago with the passing of its last few members. Active once more, Post 302 will do its part to serve our veterans, their families and the community where they reside. For 51 years, my grandfather supported his fellow veterans through The American Legion. It is now my turn to do so on his behalf, as I will be the first commander of the new Post 302. This was the same office my grandfather once held back in 1968. When receiving the charter, I wore his original Post 302 hat in his honor, since it has been in my possession since his passing. I will continue to wear it as long as I am representing Post 302 in all of my American Legion activities. It is the least I could do for someone who once did so much. American Legion Post 302 is back and we plan to do some wonderful things!

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