Post 15 (Loveland, Colo.) makes 100% membership 20 of the last 21 years

Loveland, CO

The mission of The American Legion is more than membership. It's a service we provide. You cannot promote the programs or services of the Legion within the walls of a brick and mortar building. New member Tony DuMosch knew in 2000 you need to get out and meet the community. Tony attended and graduated from American Legion College in 2003. On his return to Colorado he brought back National Commander Brieden's motto: “Its service first - membership second”. It wasn’t long until members of American Legion Post 15 saw new faces, new opportunities and donations come into the post. Members began to get involved in the community, bringing The American Legion to the people. Next came the removal of the word “recruiting” for new members. Rather, the word “awareness” was brought forth. We do not need to recruit members. We have an organization we believe in that has been around more than 100 years. The American Legion has programs and services better than any other organization for everyone in the family. By promoting to the public, the information about The American Legion, its service and its programs, people became more accepting of the guys in the funny blue hat. Awareness tables are set up at storefronts, car shows, gun shows, air shows, and other veterans events that took place in the community. Understanding the three “M”s (Mad, Move, Mortality) are the primary reason why members move on, Post 15 members understand it takes active post members who want to get out and promote it in a fun atmosphere, understanding it takes more than just one person and at best a group of members to address the many issues that have been brought to the tables. The key is patience, know your resources, and never ignore a single person's concern. In 2012 a new post was formed in Loveland (Post 2000). Many thought Post 15 would never make its goal, or Post 2000. In fact, both posts continue to make goals (except Post 2000 in 2019).
Post 15 has made its membership goal in the years 2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,12,13,14,15,16,17, 18,19,2020 (20 of the last 21 years). To date Post 15 is at an all-time high with 452 members, something not seen in 50 years (1960 at 450 members). The key to Post 15's success is to plan a minimum-one event each month in the summer, combined with a strong post adjutant use of with its tools available through the year. Most importantly, your own trust, belief and faith in The American Legion.

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