Body in shape

Russell, KS

Many years ago, while still in the Army Reserve and Kansas Highway Patrol, I did my best to keep in shape and the weight off. I belonged to a Legion fitness club. They had a Olympic-size indoor swimming pool. It took 32 laps to swim a mile. I started my swimming every noon break. At first, I could only swim 1/2 way on the first lap without a rest stop. I kept working, and working. One day I completed the 32 laps without stopping. The lifeguard was always watching. As I touched the end of 32 laps, I jumped up in the water: "I MADE IT! I MADE IT!" The lifeguard looked down at me and stated, "Stielow, you are HELL for stamina! Anyone who swims that poorly but can swim a mile is sure hell for stamina." That somewhat took the wind out of my sails!

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