Commander Rex Faubion addresses the gathering. Credit: J Johnson


Puyallup (Wash.) Post 67 commemorates fallen on Memorial Day 2021

R. Vernon Hill Memorial Post 67 - Puyallup, WA

For the past several years members of R. Vernon Hill Memorial Post 67, assisting our BSA Troop 598, have placed flags on the graves of all known military veterans in Puyallup’s Woodbine Cemetery.

This year, during the pandemic lockdown, the post historian and a small group of dedicated researchers attacked a list of names of casualties from World War I to the present day, to determine how and when they died. With these results 24 of these casualties were located in our cemetery, and placards were placed next to their headstone with the relevant information. Placards were also prepared for three first responders in the cemetery, and at the last minute, two additional war casualties were “discovered.”

Early on, Post 67 worked with city officials to design a Memorial Day commemoration to work within the constraints of changing pandemic considerations and weather. Using a mid-1950s photo of an earlier post celebration as a guide, and with gorgeous weather, the post carried out the first of what we hope to be an annual memorial celebration.

1957 photo. Credit Hartman Ames

BSA Troop 598 Scout Emerson Smith. Credit: J. Johnson
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