Memorial Poem

Minneapolis, MN

“Casualties of War”

When the soldier falls –
And a life is lost
The supreme sacrifice –
The ultimate cost

Hence fulfilled the duty –
Went to meet the call
Each one of them killed –
Surely effects us all

The loss of a comrade –
Has a strong impact
On the surviving troops –
That is a cold, hard fact

A frequent occurrence, death -
Which goes on day after day
Every battle, every skirmish –
Death does not go away

The remains are always handled –
With very special care
Transported to a haven –
Then readied to repair

Cleaned up, put back together –
As well as one can expect
A Fresh dress uniform –
Every detail is correct

A soldier escort is assigned –
For the long journey home
With great honor and respect –
The fallen never left alone

Friends and community –
Show support and feel so bad
Family and loved ones, however –
Feel proud and yet so sad

Another flag draped casket –
Displayed with “Old Glory”
Many died already, many will die yet –
In this endless, horrid story

Verse by: ‘Ramon the Poet’

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