Trifold with dimensions.


Design of a trifold traveling display for your post

Hanner-Sharp American Legion Post 129 - Stillwater, OK

The goal was to create a traveling display that is easy to create, can be used again and again, and is easy to carry. My solution was to go to Walmart and see what they had. I bought a foam core whiteboard with two folds, giving me three surfaces to add content on the front and on the back (see image). The size that worked for me was 36 inches high and 48 inches long. The 48 inches were divided into three parts, 12 inches on each side and 24 inches in the middle. My cost during 2019 was $12, I think. So many different colors, sizes and costs. I am not an artist and did not want to hand-letter on the board and make a mess. I used PowerPoint to create all the images for all the content I wanted on the trifold display board. PowerPoint is very easy to use and allowed me to download pictures, newspaper articles, images and text very easily. I make all my text large, and used the Arial font to make it easy to read from about 3-4 feet away. Once I had all my PowerPoints created, I went to a good printer and had them printed in color. Next I taped them in place on the front and the back. (See images as my solution to celebrate the American Legion Centennial.) I had room for 16 slides on the front and 16 slides on the back. Because I was the historian for the Department of Oklahoma and for Post 129 in Stillwater, I tried to lead by example having several Oklahoma posts bring trifold displays to our summer conference and winter conference. Our post now has a traveling display members can take to community organizations and schools to talk about The American Legion, American flags and membership.

Example: front view of a trifold for post display.

Example: back and right sides for a trifold for display.

Example: back and left sides for a trifold for display.
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