Post Everlasting book for obituaries and military histories.


Post Everlasting book

Stillwater, OK

Being historian for Post 129 in Stillwater, Okla., I create each year a Post 129 Yearbook and publish it for the post. In the yearbook I have obituaries of members, including military information members want to share. Obituaries sometimes say a member has died and served in Korea for four years. As a post historian, I know more about his military history than his family may know. (See the sheet to gather military history from members.) Once the post yearbook is published, it is placed in the post library to be looked at by members and visitors. I felt we needed a book for Post Everlasting, including the obituaries and military history of members, that could be available for members to look through. I created a Post Everlasting book using a simple 1 1/2" thick white book with a plastic covering into which I could slip a sheet telling the purpose of the book. See front of book below.

"Post Everlasting Resolution
Whereas, It has pleased Almighty God, the Great Commander, to summon to the immortal legions our beloved comrades listed in this Post Everlasting Book, and

Whereas, We humbly bow to the will of Divine Providence, while ever cherishing in our hearts the memory of distinguished service to our country and outstanding contributions to American Legion comradeship; now, therefore, be

Resolved, That Hanner-Sharp Post 129 Stillwater, The American Legion does mourn the passing of our comrades listed in this Post Everlasting Book, That we commend to all the works, and to God the spirit; and be it further Resolved, That in token of our common grief, comrades listed in this Post Everlasting Book, The American Legion, expresses our grief to the next of kin."

Signed Commander, Adjutant, and Historian

The latest year is on top and not on the bottom, making it easier to add members to Post Everlasting. I include a picture of the member along with his obituary, length of time in the Legion and the military history he has agreed to share. See example below.

As members see what the Post Everlasting book is doing, members will realize we shall never forget them.

Front of Post Everlasting book.

Post Everlasting page for year(s) separator.

Tabs for each year, with the most current in front.

Notice the tabs making it easy to find the latest entry in front and not in back.

Method used to gather military history of members for Post Everlasting book.

Example obituary for Post Everlasting book.
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