The East Coast band in front of the space shuttle.


Need a military band?

Mesa, AZ

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Band East Coast
The Commodore's Own/Long Island 22-07
In 2007 I started a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Band. I planted the seed and it grew into a great band. Years later I retired and moved to Mesa, Ariz. They sent me this picture and I wrote back, “now you're really out of this world.” A joke, but it was a great picture. They played at the space shuttle. I started a band on the East Coast - why not the West Coast? In 2015 I planted the seed on the West Coast. Both bands have played at so many places, there’s no room to list.
Now I have the opportunity to tell The American Legion that they are there for you. It’s a military band and so much more. Contact me. I will tell you all bout them and who to talk to.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Band West Coast
The Arizona Coast Guard Auxiliary Band/10-03
Most of the musicians in our band are community members just like you who enjoy performing music in an ensemble and serving their country. We have many components to the band: concert band, marching band, jazz band and chamber ensembles.
Our primary function is to support the U.S. Coast Guard and Auxiliary as required. We perform for local and national parades, Marine festivals, dedications, and ceremonial events for both Coast Guard and Auxiliary functions.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed auxiliary service of the U.S. Coast Guard. It is composed of 26,000 members who volunteer their time to support the operation of the Coast Guard, promote and improve recreational boating safety, and provide trained crews and facilities to enhance the safety and security of U.S. ports, waterways, and coastal regions.

Need to know more? Email me at AAHFBOB@GMAIL.COM.

The West Coast band in front of a World War II B-17 at Falcon Field.
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