Purple Heart dedication in Millville, Mass.

Millville , MA

Several years have passed with the Memorial Day Committee, along with Millville American Legion Post 0411, to honor all our fallen veterans. On this upcoming Memorial Day we will be presenting a declaration to designate Millville, MA 01569 as a Purple Heart Town. We are a small town that is struggling to have our Memorial Day parade each year due to financial restraint. Next year we hope to get back on track. As for Rolling Thunder in D.C., we at Post 0411 know very well about this as one of our member veterans has been and is going to be present.
On behalf of our post and the Memorial Day Committee, we invite all to come together and support our cause. God bless our fallen and our country, the United States of America, and all our veterans past and present, to quote a very famous poet and his poem "IN FLANDERS FIELD": THE POPPIES GROW BETWEEN THE CROSSES ROW ON ROW THAT MARK OUR PLACE. Please take a few minutes to look it up and read the poem to some younger people. If we fail to remember our past we are destined to repeat it.

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