Dudley Allen singing "Should I Kneel or Should I Stand."


Video by Disabled Veteran (Should I Kneel or Should I Stand)

Waco, TX

Hello! I'm Dudley Allen and am a disabled veteran. Joining with many of my family members who were proud to serve our great country, I entered the military after high school. I was injured, released with an honorable discharge, and currently receive medical care at the Waco VA Hospital. While I was able to work, I was an ambulance driver and police officer for a number of years.

I assisted our post with serving refreshments at the Waco VA Clinic for years. While there, I also checked out the music therapy clinic that they also have there for veterans. As I was given the talent to be able to play many instruments since the age of 5, I thought that I could help the staff teach some of the other veterans. When I checked out their musical instruments, the guitars were so bad, I thought that there was no way, anyone could learn in the condition these instruments were in. So I went straight to the music store and I purchased a couple of guitars, that would make it easier for veterans to play and learn on. I paid for these myself.

It really hit a nerve last year, when all of the athletes and stars started disrespecting the flag by kneeling during the National Anthem. It bothered me so much, that I wrote this song, "Should I Kneel or Should I Stand." After writing it, I thought, it really needs a video to really express the power of the song's words. Although it was expensive to produce the video, I felt that it was really worth it, to truly get my point across. I am very happy to say, that the many veteran and police organizations who have seen the video, have been impressed with it and have given standing ovations. You can find the video on YouTube and other media outlets -- please like and share.

I would really to play and show this video to as many veterans as possible. For additional information, please contact me at: dudleyallen0636@yahoo.com.


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