The meaning of the American flag

Willows, CA

My name is Leo Buddy Pergson, and I am the proud grandson of Robert Pergson. Robert was a World War I veteran, 1917-1919, of Post 54, Coolidge, Ariz., to Allied France against Germany.

This is what the American flag means to us: to proudly stand and salute Old Glory as proud Americans for the stars and the stripes that proudly represent freedom for all America: "We have given our all." And what the American flag means to all families who have paid a very high price for our constitutional freedom for all America.

Robert Pergson, 1892-1943
Marriage: 1912
Mary Ann Pendley 1894-1967
Children (3):
Leo Edward Pergson 1917-1994
Nadine Nancy Pergson 1920-1945
Katherine Pergson 1930- Spouse Kennith Collier
Robert Gary Pergson
Leo W "Buddy" Pergson
Barbara Gail Pergson
Howard Collier
Sharon Kay Collier

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