A daily reminder

Newark Valley , NY

As a retired sailor AND soldier, so very grateful for the freedoms, liberties, opportunities and privileges this country offers and affords every citizen, I proudly fly my flag every day for the entire world to see. I have traveled the world and seen the way the rest of it lives. And NOWHERE have I seen the beauty, and opportunity to succeed or the benefits America offers. From the farmers' hayfields to the covered bridges, to the Golden Gate Bridge, America is truly the land of opportunity for anyone who chooses to participate. I LOVE this, the greatest country in the world, and I am PROUD and THANKFUL to be part of it and able to fly the symbol that represents it.

God HAS indeed blessed America and I can never say enough how thankful and proud I am of our founding fathers and all of my fellow sailors, soldiers and airmen, past, present and future, who have, are and will fight for and defend this, the greatest experiment in democracy ever launched!

May America and the American dream live forever!

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