Patriotic Americans rally around the flag

Holton, KS

Friday, Sept. 24, Jackson Heights High School football game - once again members of American Legion Kansas Post 44 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1367 were prepared to carry the large flag on the field prior to the game. The last time was on Sept. 10 - this time there were dark purple clouds in the west, but a cadre of veterans were getting the flag ready. They had hoped to have 100 veterans out, but this was a smaller school. The announcer asked the crowd for good Americans to help the veterans support and carry the flag - WOW. First the cheerleaders grabbed hold of the flag, then the football players of both teams - then the game referees walked toward the flag - folks from the stands also walked on the field to help support the flag. As you can see, there were more folks holding up the large flag than positions available. Just as the band started to play the national anthem, the heavens opened up and it began pouring down rain. Everyone held firm. Our next planned event is Oct. 22 at the Royal Valley High School football game.

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