Gasquet Post 548 commander flies all flags

Gasquet, CA

Commander James Brassard believes in flying all the military flags, along with the American and POW flags, for all to see.
As a member of Gasquet Post 548 in Gasquet, he proudly flies the flags every day in the front yard. He posts these flags starting the end of April until Dec. 1. Each year he purchases new flags to put out, and they stay lit 24 hours a day. He has been doing this for seven years, and if anyone asks in town where our house is the neighbors tell them to look for the Flag House. Jim served in both the Navy and the Army, retiring with 28 years of service. His wife served in the Marines from 1971-1974, his father served in the Army during WWII, two brothers served in the Navy during Vietnam, and his wife's parents both were in the Air Force in WWII. Commander Brassard says that it is an honor to proudly display the flags of our country and he will continue to do this small honor to honor all who served.

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