Paying it forward

Wilmington , VT

It was 1974, and Walter White had an idea that he kept to himself; this idea came about when he stepped off the airplane after his tour in Vietnam. He was met in the airport with tomatoes and eggs thrown at him, he said to me. He quickly ran into the men's bathroom and changed his clothes. Walt took the Greyhound bus back to Wilmington, Vt., and when he arrived home he called his boss at Grand Union and asked for his job back; the next day he went back to work. He thought about his idea and started it on Memorial Day 1974.
My name is Michael Linnehan, and I’m the commander of Nelson E. Pickwell Post 15 in Wilmington. Ever since Memorial Day 1974 Walter has placed a flag at all veterans' headstones in the five towns. Each year he tells Mike I found another grave site way back in the woods; this past year he found two Civil War soldiers. I was made aware of his dedication to our fallen brothers and sisters - he stops a moment at each stone and salutes before pressing the American flag into the ground. Walter has kept a binder of all the names and grave sites. I’m honored to know such a giving veteran.

Thank you,
MSGT Michael Linnehan, USAF Retired

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