Across the Seas...A Memoir

How far will one man go to help his family?
How far will one man go to fight for a country that isn’t even technically his?
How far will one man go to provide an easy life for his children?
For Joseph Borda, the answer is among the waves of the world.

Born in the small Southern European country of Malta, with eleven siblings, Joseph wanted to help his parents financially in any way he could. He attempted many times without success to board ships and travel to America to ease his family’s burden of raising a temperamental son.

Years later after Joseph finally reaches America, he serves in three wars and works on ships earning the American residency he has been itching for for years.

Struggling to raise his children, Joseph does whatever possible to provide a life for them he never had—even if it means being away for months at a time.

With the help of his granddaughter, Tina Hoffman, Joseph has brought to life Across the Seas—the many years of adventure he’s had out to sea and on land as he developed a deep love for the United States.

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