LITTLE BY SLOWLY, From Trauma to Recovery

Melbourne, FL

John P. Maloney, MSW finished his book during the quarantine in hopes to reach that one person who will benefit from his life experiences and subsequent recovery.
Jack is a former member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity and is an accomplished actor, vocalist and entertainer. He has numerous credits in TV, film, theater and commercials. He is an award-winning filmmaker of “The Wall That Heals,” taking first place in the Long Island Film festival for his moving documentary of the 10th anniversary of the Wall in Washington, D.C. He served in the Marine Corps from 1968 to 1972 as a radio operator, and in 1969 served in South Vietnam. Jack went to Livengrin alcohol rehab in 1983 and has been sober ever since. He is a graduate of Stonybrook School of Social Work.
Maloney served 25 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs Vet Center program as team leader of the Manhattan and Melbourne Vet Centers as a clinical social worker and addiction therapist. He specialized in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse. Jack is the recipient of numerous awards for his work with the Red Cross and VA post-9/11. He was voted “Social Worker of the Year” with the Suffolk County, Long Island, NASW. He has lectured at workshops across the country and has provided trauma education and treatment modalities to numerous mental health professionals. Jack was an adjunct professor at Hunter School of Social Work in NYC teaching master-level courses. He is available to speak at lectures, trainings and provide education on various trauma and substance abuse topics.
Thank you for taking the time to read.
John P. Maloney

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