The Last Vietnam Veteran (

Ennis, MT

"The Last Vietnam Veteran" is a fictitious story based on many true stories and happenings during the Vietnam War. I served in 1968-1969. The names have been changed, and most of the circumstances changed or modified or just made up.

"The Last Vietnam Veteran" is not a typical names/dates/places/ordnance/body counts/casualties accounting of time in Vietnam. It tells a different story, but one that is quite common to the Vietnam veteran. Below you can read a review from a brother veteran based on his read of the stories.

“A story of faithful and honorable service to our county in a very difficult time when most men took a different path. Although (mostly fiction), each story stands alone, there is a common thread that runs through everyone and binds us all together as brothers. It truly is a story about our generation and the defining event of that generation….”

Capt. William L. Albracht
5th Special Forces Group Vietnam, retired

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