Heroes in our midst

Greenfield, WI

We step back a bit when we hear the term “Hero” used in many undeserving ways. Let’s take a look at this .... We hear and read “Hero” about sports players who win games, break records, go forward into championships and, yes, display disrespect to our American flag during “The Star-Spangled Banner” ... Heroes? Really?
Now there are real heroes we can embrace right in our own midst. Those brave men and women “first responders,” risking their lives each time an emergency call is made for help. And in today’s environment, emergency calls are more dangerous than ever.
We have brave men and women military veterans who went to war. And when I talk to them about their time in war, they seem to remember it like it was just a short time ago that they served. They remember people they served with, lost their lives in war, never being able to return to their families. Then the tears make their way down the cheeks. Also, many come home broken from the ugliness of war, still trying to put it behind them so they can move on. And then many veterans were able to come home to their families. All heroes ....
We have brave men and women currently serving in the military, in the United States and abroad, far from family, protecting our borders and freedom. Once again, heroes ....
These people are probably sitting near or next to you while attending mass at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Please don’t wait for Veterans Day, Memorial Day weekend or a first responder recognition day to thank them for their service to our great country! God Bless America!

Gary Dorgay
Parish Maintenance
United States Coast Guard Veteran 1967-73

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