Sutton, Neb., American Legion Post 61 license plate now hangs proudly at The Flesk Restaurant in Killarney, Ireland.


American Legion post in Ireland

Sutton, NE

In 2005, my husband and I (both veterans, NEARNG) made a trip to Killarney, Ireland, and stumbled across The Flesk Restaurant one evening. We were amazed to find American Legion license plates adorning the walls. We discovered that the owner, Dermot O'Leary, had actually served with the United States Army during Vietnam. The Flesk Restaurant is a memorial American Legion post for Fr. Francis P. Duffy, which still holds meetings to this day.
After we returned to the United States, we obtained a license plate from our local American Legion – Sutton, Nebraska, Post 61 – and mailed it to The Flesk. I was always curious to know if they received it, hung it or if the place was still in existence.
Recently in June 2017, my two sisters and I (they are both currently serving with the NEANG) took a trip to Killarney and went to The Flesk Restaurant. I was overjoyed to see our Sutton American Legion plate proudly displayed!
The owner has since passed away, but his family continues his tradition.

The Flesk Restaurant displays American Legion license plates from all over the USA.

Dermot O'Leary served with the U.S. Army during Vietnam.

Fr. Francis P. Duffy (1871-1932) remains the most highly decorated chaplain in the history of the United States Army.

American Legion Post 998 letter that hangs in the post.
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