Virginia Lopez, social studies teacher

Shippensburg, PA

I read the Burn Pit article where a high school teacher degraded the men and women who served this country; this man should crawl under a rock for his comments.
In Shippensburg, Pa., we have a high school teacher who holds veterans and the active military in high regard. For 13 consecutive years she has made plans to honor our local veterans and the military at a Veterans Day program held at Shippensburg Area High School, where upwards of 300 veterans and their guests attend this function. I think this lady should be recognized.
I was commander for 14 consecutive years at Post 223 in Shippensburg, and I worked closely with this lady and gave her recognition at these events on behalf of the post.

Virginia Lopez is a social studies teacher at Shippensburg Area High School in Shippensburg, Pa. For 13 consecutive years she has spent countless hours planning and coordinating the Veterans Day program held at the school. Her preparations begin months in advance, and she personally mails out invitations to the veterans. In that time Virginia has made the Veterans Day program into something very special and as the word has spread, the attendance has increased every year, upwards to 300 veterans and their guests. She honors community veterans at the annual program as a way of supporting the veterans and the military. Each year the program begins with breakfast and entertainment by the high school choral group singing patriotic songs. Once breakfast is finished, the veterans and family members are invited to the auditorium where, after the Posting of the Colors, there’s a slideshow with pictures of local veterans in their uniforms during their periods of service. There’s always a carefully selected guest speaker and more patriotic music. Also during this time, veterans who have continued to serve the community long after they’ve left the military are recognized with the reading of a short synopsis of their service and each is presented with a rose. Virginia has also had fundraisers to support the Wounded Warrior Project and has become very special to the veterans in the Shippensburg community. However, her service to the community doesn’t end there. She works with a group of students at the high school whose project was to provide coats for children at the local homeless shelter. The students spent time with the children living at the shelter, playing games and giving them a little time away from the shelter. At the 10th annual November 2015 Veterans Day program, Virginia received the Legion of Honor Award from the Chapel of Four Chaplains. The award reads: The Chapel of Four Chaplains is pleased to present The Legion of Honor Award to Virginia Lopez in recognition of your service to all people regardless of race or faith. This award symbolizes for all Americans and for all time the unity of this Nation, founded upon the Fatherhood of one God. Virginia is also considered by the veterans of the Shippensburg community to be a true patriot and proud to be an American.

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