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The Lord's Jarheads

Augusta, KS

The Lord's Jarheads is a fictional story revolving around Charlie Red Tail Hawk. Charlie always thought he would retire from the Marine Corps. He would soon find out God had other plans for him. After serving for 12 years Charlie met and married Josie, and a year and a half later Elizabeth came along. Charlie made the decision to leave his beloved Corps after much prayer for guidance and wisdom from the Lord. Charlie, Josie and Elizabeth moved to a ranch and worked on their dream of living off what they raised and grew. One fateful Sunday after church Josie and Elizabeth went to the local mall. The mall had been targeted by a terrorist attack, and Josie and little Elizabeth were killed. Charlie struggles with his grief and with the Lord, looking for answers. After months of grieving Charlie receives his answer from the Lord; it was not what he expected. Will Charlie choose the road the Lord has for him, or will he use the skills as a Marine to follow a road of revenge?

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