Post 166 (Goose Creek, S.C.) Honor Guard Person of the Year named

Goose Creek, SC

Mr. 'Mick' Potter was recently voted by his peers as the honor guard's 2018 Member of the Year for American Legion Post 166. Mick joined the honor guard in April 2010 and has been an American Legion member for many years.
Not only does Mick serve as treasurer of the honor guard, but he devotes a lot of time helping other members with their uniform articles and training.
Mick retired from the United States Navy, and has been an avid supporter of veterans activities as well as honoring them upon their passing. He also is an active member of the 'Tin Can Sailors' Association.
Mick is qualified and performs duties with the firing detail using M-1 Garands as well as flag fold & presentation detail, fulfilling The American Legion's obligations as a veterans service organization.
Mr. John "Mick' Potter exhibits the highest traditions of American Legion honor guards at all times. He truly is a prime example of what it means to Honor America's Veterans for their service.
Not only does he "Talk the Talk," but he puts his heart and soul into "Walking the Walk."
For this, our honor guard is extremely grateful that he shares his time and energy on behalf of our veterans.
Congratulations, Mick!

L David Coates
Captain - Honor Guard
American Legion Post 166
Goose Creek, S.C.

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