Veterans Day in Manson, Wash.

Manson, WA

Veterans Day Breakfast - Manson High School
Veterans Day celebrations started early this year in our community with the Manson High School Veterans Day Breakfast held on Friday, Nov. 9 at 8:30 a.m. in the Student Center. We thank Manson School District Superintendent Matt Charlton for his support and encouraging students to understand the importance veterans have played in securing our freedoms.
It was great to meet Manson’s new high school principal, Shawn Thurman, who with Superintendent Charlton cranked out tons of pancakes. The Veterans Day Breakfast was a “senior project” put together by students enrolled in Jobs for American Graduates (JAG) under the leadership of teachers Joey Johanson and Susan Sears.
Veterans were escorted by students to the Student Center decorated beautifully in a patriotic theme, including a POW/MIA table thanks to the efforts of Trista Walters. The tradition of setting a separate table in honor of our prisoners of war and missing comrades has been in place since the end of the Vietnam War.
Students served hot cakes, bacon, eggs, coffee and apple juice to approximately 15 veterans in attendance. Veterans appreciated being pampered and no one went away hungry!
Matt Charlton and Joey Johanson thanked the veterans for their service, and then it was picture time.
All veterans in attendance thanked the staff, teachers and students that made this Veterans Day Breakfast memorable.

Wildcat Veterans Day Assembly – Manson Elementary School
Later that day nine local veterans attended an hour-long Wildcat Veterans Day Assembly at Manson Elementary School, made possible with the strong support of Principal Keitlan Watson. This has been an annual event for many years, bringing home the importance of our veterans giving students a chance to meet and learn on a more personal level our local veterans.
Special thanks goes out to Mary Bider, Sandra Clausen and Anne Wisdom for their efforts making this event a success. They, along with other teachers, worked for a month preparing over 300 students.
The local Boy Scouts color guard presented flags and everyone joined in the Pledge of Allegiance. Fifth grade student Amella introduced each veteran at the event. Maria, Brian and Jasmine explained what Veterans Day means to all in attendance.
Local veteran Bob Meyers played “Reverie” on his trumpet, a song very familiar to those in the military. That was followed by Jessica asking Chelan VFW Commander Steve Palmbush, “Did you like the song in the morning and was your bed cold or warm?”
Each of the veterans were asked questions and gave their response to the students. Hanna asked, “When work was over, the song “Retreat” was played. Mr. Meyers, can you play it for us?” After a few more questions for the veterans Lacey said, “Wow, the soldiers must be really tired in the evening. How do they know it’s time to go to bed?” Mr. Meyers played his final song “Taps”.
Isabella asked veterans in the audience to stand so they could be honored, then Isabella and Sofia read names of relatives and friends of Manson Elementary School students and staff that are serving or have served in the armed forces.
The closing of the event included all 300 students singing the song “Thank a Vet,” followed by the Boy Scouts color guard retiring the colors.
This was a special day for our local veterans, students, staff and our community. This is one of the many reasons we love living in Manson!

Veterans Day Celebration – American Legion Park – Manson
Veterans Day is always a special day of remembrance, but this year it has the added distinction of marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Manson American Legion Post 108 held a solemn celebration to mark this special centennial event, marking the end to World War I on Nov. 11, at the 11th hour and the 11th month.
Manson American Legion Vice Commander Brian Strausbaugh officiated over the celebration thanking everyone for their attendance. Colors were presented and everyone joined in with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Two World War II veterans, members of the Manson American Legion, Jack Stevens and Larry Eldred, were presented with certificates honoring their service. Legion chaplain, John Swenson made an opening prayer followed by Manson High School Band teacher Matt Brown leading the audience in singing “God Bless America.”
Several members of The American Legion gave patriotic speeches, followed by our featured speaker, Commander Clyde McCullough, talking about the need to honor, respect and help our veterans. On an average day there are 35,000 homeless veterans on the street, over 20 veterans committing suicide each day and many struggling with substance abuse. “Many veterans sacrificed so much for our country and it is our patriotic duty to help them through their struggles, find employment and adjust to civilian life,” the commander said.
Ten members of the Manson High School Band under the direction of Matt Brown played “Stars and Stripes Forever,” the official national march of the United States, composed by John Philip Sousa.
The Manson American Legion is very supportive of our community, helping in various ways. At the event three organizations were honored and presented monetary support. The Manger Mall, an organization that makes Christmas special for over 1,000 local children each year, received $1,500. Chelan Valley Hope, an amazing organization that provides support for people struggling in our community, received $750, and the Chelan Food Band received $750.
Finally the Manson High School Band played "The Star Spangled Banner” and Vice Commander Stausbaugh ordered the retrieval of colors, ending the celebration.

American Legion Post 108 wishes to thank students from Manson High School for setting up and taking down after the event. A big thank you goes out to Matt Brown and members of the Manson High School Band, and we thank everyone that took time out of their Sunday to honor our veterans.

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