The meaning of a symbol (the flag)

Monticello, FL

Let us remember this Flag Day what this banner truly stands for and what it symbolizes.

It is more than just a flag. It is a symbol.

It is a symbol of freedom for those blessed enough to reside under its watchful gaze.

It is a symbol of hope for those not yet free living under the yoke of oppression and tyranny.

It is a symbol of justice for those who seek it.

It is a symbol of comfort for those less fortunate and those brave who fight to protect it.

And lastly it is a symbol of ultimate sacrifice for those who have laid down their lives in order to preserve its legacy.

So the next time someone thinks to disrespect it in your presence. I ask this simple request. Think back to this symbol. And remember this. It's not just a flag. It is a symbol of everything that truly makes us American.

Kevin Avera
Monticello, Fla.
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