Manson remembers 9/11

Manson, WA

Manson’s fire truck, “Tower 51”, flying a 20 x 30 foot American flag over Wapato Way was the perfect backdrop for Manson’s Remembering 9/11 at American Legion Park with nearly 200 in attendance.

Norm Manly opened the Patriots Day event. “We are here to remember the 2,977 souls who lost their lives 20 years ago and countless more that have given the ultimate sacrifice since that fateful day, fighting terrorism. We honor the 13 U.S. service men and women who recently lost their lives at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan defending America and Americans.” Norm shared his feelings and emotions the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, as he watched the airliners crash into the Twin Towers in New York. “It is a memory I will never forget,” he said.

The color guard, under the direction of Manson Vice Commander Brian Strausbaugh, posted colors. This was followed by an opening prayer from Pastor Craig Rayment of North Shore Bible Church.

American Legion Commander Clyde McCullugh, representing The American Legion and the Chelan VFW, shared his joy in holding the 9/11 remembrance and his memories of that ominous morning in 2001.

Seniors from Manson High School contributed to this memorial. Francisco rang a bell followed with a reading from each student, Mable, Kim, Irasema, April and Autumn. Each presented facts regarding planes involved in the attack and the total number of people killed that day. Taps was sounded.

Norm Manly introduced Dan Crandall, president, Chelan Firefighters Association and Ray Eickmeyer, director of Lake Chelan EMS. Each talked about the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Thirteen American flags along with the names of military personnel killed in the terrorist explosion at the Kabul Airport, was an amazing sight. The flag stand, made by craftsman Jeff Stoelk, was beautiful. Jeff used three different hardwoods. American Red Oak represented the fact that our soldiers were trained to be hard and tough,. The top of the stand featured a piece of Blood Wood, representing the ultimate sacrifice they gave to our country that day. The stand rested on a hardwood from Brazil, Purple Heart. Each of these soldiers certainly are deserving of one of this nation’s highest military awards, a Purple Heart of their own.

The event ended with the Lake Chelan Patriotic Singers leading us in “God Bless America.”

By Norm Manly
Post Service Officer

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